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Stull Family 2016 Update



In case you saw the Stull family 2016 video and are looking for a little explanation…

“Details, give me details!” Here you go, starting with our oldest:

Dillon's graduation from Baylor University
Dillon’s graduation from Baylor University
Home by the fire pit
Sitting on a panel at B.U.
Dillon’s reward for paying his way through college (on scholarships)
Rocky Mountain high
Rocky Mountain high

Dillon – Graduated from Baylor University in May.

Was happy to hold Chris to his promise of a new car for any child who pays their own way through college (he did it on scholarships), so Chris is taking on his first car payment in 10 years.

Started the Christian Pre-Health Fellowship his junior year, and Spring of his senior year it was chosen as the best new student organization of the year at BU.

He and 10 of his BU friends stopped by our house on their way home from a Spring Break trip to California. The garage turned into a cozy bedroom with 8 inflated mattresses and it was such fun.

He was elated to finish his thesis and have it published, then went back to do medical missions on the Kenya Nyakach Plateau with Straw to Bread Ministries from Baylor in May.

Then enjoyed working at Wind River Ranch for the rest of the summer before moving to Duke University to get a one-year master’s degree in medical ethics and theology.

He spent all fall traveling around the country interviewing with some amazing medical schools, has already received some acceptances, and we are prayerful that God makes His will clear… and provides scholarships!

Sir Lancelot in Camelot
Sir Lancelot in Camelot
Disneyworld & Epcot
Disneyworld & Epcot
An Opera Buffet
In a medley of operas



Derek – a junior Music Ed major at Dallas Baptist University.

Highlights from this past year included performing in DBU’s Camelot and An Opera Buffet, being the featured soloist for the Mark Hayes Requiem performed by DBU’s Grand Chorus,

visiting Disney World over fall and Christmas break, where his girlfriend Taylor is in their Disney U. program and working as a performing character.

He wrapped up two years of wonderful service as the worship leader of the contemporary service at Shiloh Terrace BC in Dallas, and began in November as the worship leader at Preston Ridge BC in Frisco.

He and his girlfriend also won second place in a company-wide contest of Plexus Worldwide by creating a music video about their newest clean energy product. It’s super cute! []

His band came out and did the music for the second year at Wellspring Church’s youth camp in June.

He’s our BTB (aka BowTie Boy). Almost any day of the week you can find him wearing one of his dozens of bow ties.

Senior Portrait
Senior Portrait
Still loving baseball...
Still loving baseball…
Catcher all grown up
Catcher all grown up
High school graduation
High school graduation











Caleb – Graduated from Millennium High School in May.

He was the All-District catcher and was selected for the Div. I All-Star game at Goodyear Ballpark, where he got 3 hits and had a wonderful night.

He was awarded the MHS Spirit award, as he showed up in support at almost every game of every team, leading cheers and organizing theme nights.

He was Prom and Winter Formal King, President of the Fellowship of Christian Students, and such a bright light on his campus.

One highlight was a senior trip with 3 Texas friends up the coast of California and to Yosemite.

He has always been independent, and that really came out in his ability to drive himself to Oklahoma in August and begin at Oklahoma Baptist University in the fall as a freshman International Business major and baseball player.

He is serving on the leadership team of his local church.  On the weekends he often makes the 2-hour drive to Nana and Pap’s house outside of Tulsa, where he gets spoiled with banana nut bread, steak dinners and quail hunting.

Loving his new camera at Laguna Beach
Loving his new camera at Laguna Beach
On the soccer field
On the soccer field
KJ & Micah ran together their first half marathon
KJ & Micah ran together their first half marathon
One of his favorite things is when Ben comes for a visit or when he goes to TX to visit Ben!
One of his favorite things is when Ben comes for a visit or when he goes to TX to visit Ben!
Lettered in soccer as a freshman and even received the Tiger Award
Lettered in soccer as a freshman and even received the Tiger Award

Micah – A sophomore at MHS and amazing photographer. He purchased a really nice camera this year and has been wow-ing us with his photos.

He is the President of Fellowship of Christian Students, a second-year member of the MHS Scholastic Bowl team, lettered in soccer and tennis his freshman year. He even was honored with the  “Tiger Award” by his coach. His tennis team of mostly freshmen had fun going to State and anticipates great years ahead.

His time is pretty tied up with studies for AP classes this year, but he finds time to have fun with photography and his microscope with any free time…and doing pushups! He started at 50 pushups and added one a day for 150 days, getting to where he could do 200 consecutive pushups. We’re talking buff.

With 3 brothers now out of the house, Micah got his own room, which is decorated with canvases of his own photography and serves him well for his studies.

Micah truly lives out his namesake verse: Micah 6:8 – What does the Lord require of you? To love mercy, do justice and walk humbly with your

Senior Caleb came out to support lil bro Micah in his Scholastic Bowl meet.
Senior Caleb came out to support lil bro Micah in his Scholastic Bowl meet.


Kare-bear Karis
Kare-bear Karis
She's fast!
She’s fast!
Mother's Day
Mother’s Day
8th Grade Graduation and such an honor to receive this award from the faculty
8th Grade Graduation and such an honor to receive this award from the faculty
Loves to draw
Loves to draw
Hanging out with Karly
Hanging out with Karly

















Karis – A freshman at MHS. She and Micah ran their first half marathon in February.

At 8th grade graduation Karis received the Dolphin Award, the faculty-picked top award of Western Sky MS.

She was selected as MVP of the WSMS basketball team, was the co-President of Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Her club soccer team won a number of tournaments. And her 4×400 track team absolutely smoked 26 other teams.

At MHS she is enjoying being on the Scholastic Bowl Team, playing soccer, and leading in the Fellowship of Christian Students.

Most groups she is in end up calling her Kare-bear. Her caring ways come through in all that she does.

Laguna Beach, CA
Laguna Beach, CA
He's a runner! Great at soccer, too!
He’s a runner! Great at soccer, too!
Finally...we ALL have the last name Stull!
Finally…we ALL have the last name Stull!
Fishing with Dad at Wind River Ranch, Estes Park, CO
Fishing with Dad at Wind River Ranch, Estes Park, CO
Made Mom cry this day -- brought home straight A's in 7th grade honors classes!
Made Mom cry this day — brought home straight A’s in 7th grade honors classes!

John – A 7th grader at WSMS. Has progressed amazingly with his studies, and is now making straight A’s in honors classes.

He has also grown 12 inches in the past 2 years!

He has become a force on both his middle school and club soccer teams, and he made the basketball team this year.

John earned the “full of life” award at Sky Ranch camp last summer, due to his abounding energy.

He saved up and bought his own Xbox.

Both he and Mariama were baptized this last year.

He loves being around people, is caring and helpful, and Mom loves all the hugs he gives. He also whips up a great breakfast. Buttermilk pancakes, fancy omelets, and bacon? No problem!

Our accessory girl
Our accessory girl
She can make anything into a stage
She can make anything into a stage
A music note pillowcase surprise Mari made for Derek
A music note pillowcase surprise Mari made for Derek
One of Mari's 5K's with Girls on the Run. KJ was her running buddy for this one.
One of Mari’s 5K’s with Girls on the Run. KJ was her running buddy for this one.
She can't stand the thought of doing anything without fashion...even fishing!
She can’t stand the thought of doing anything without fashion…even fishing!
Mari's pink pup
Mari’s pink pup
A Red Carpet birthday party to remember
A Red Carpet birthday party to remember

Mariama – a 4th grader at Litchfield Elementary School.

With this girl’s over-the-top passion and creativity, we never know what a day will bring and she definitely keeps us on our toes!

Her highlights were her red carpet birthday party, getting her own room, and going on a trip with Mom to Plexus convention this summer.

We remodeled our former dining room into a bedroom for her, complete with the requested chandelier and canopy with lights.

Drama is her life. If its not there, she finds a way to create it. We look forward to when she can put this drama to good use on the stage. Watch for her either on Broadway or rising as a Youtube celebrity when we allow her to start posting the hundreds of videos she has created.

She is gifted with working with small children – she adores them and they adore her. Truly a Pied Piper. Put her in a room with 3 preschoolers and she immediately becomes an adult!

She took some sewing classes this year, crafting a few pillow cases and a bag.

She also played soccer and ran in two 5k’s through the Girls on the Run Program at her school.

Personality plus.

Laguna with kids over fall break
Laguna with kids over fall break
Laguna Beach 26th Anniversary Trip
Laguna Beach 26th Anniversary Trip
At 11,427' - Hiking in Estes Park, CO.
At 11,427′ – Hiking in Estes Park, CO.
CA Anniversary Trip - night at Pageant of the Masters
CA Anniversary Trip – night at Pageant of the Masters

Brenna has never flown more in a year. This past year the Stulls had lots of celebrations, with 3 graduations (college, high school and middle school) within 6 days…in two states!

Summer was blessed to have time with family and friends in Colorado at Wind River Ranch again. Our kids enjoyed quality time with each set of grandparents, and the youngest 4 were blessed with a week at Sky Ranch Camp while Chris and Brenna visited friends in Laguna Beach, CA, to celebrate their 26th wedding anniversary.

Fall trips visiting Dillon at Duke University, seeing Derek in his fall musical at DBU, getting to speak at an OBU alumni event and see Caleb and many Oklahoma friends, earning a 3-day trip with Plexus to Leader’s Retreat and being able to take her Mom as a guest, flying into Dallas with Chris to do a wedding and enjoying time as a couple and special life moments with extended family.

Excited to win first place in the 2016 Shamrock Farms Thanksgiving Triathlon in Goodyear, AZ.

She is finding great joy in her work — continuing to speak for women’s retreats, conferences, and moms groups occasionally. She is spending the bulk of her time as a health coach sharing products that have been life-changing for her health, and it is her joy to see other people’s lives also change as people gain new freedoms to live out their God-given passions and purposes.

Sharing a message
Sharing a message
Doing a wedding at the Nash Museum in Dallas, TX
Doing a wedding at the Nash Museum in Dallas, TX
Pastor for the week at Wind River Ranch in Estes Park, CO
Pastor for the week at Wind River Ranch in Estes Park, CO
He's a great catch! ;)
He’s a great catch! 😉

Chris – the long-suffering father dealing with a plethora of car troubles that started in May with all 6 of our cars. In spite of doing everything that could be done with having all cars tuned up, between May and October the cars were in mechanic shops in Las Vegas, Flagstaff, Sedona, Tucson, Phoenix, Amarillo, and Dallas…at least one or more times. Chris has proven to be a patient and steadfast leader to just do the next thing that needs to be done to fix the latest problem.

Highlights: Easter at Wellspring Church, heading up a Good Friday Breakfast at the Wigwam Resort that included 61 pastors. It sold out at 750 seats 8 days before the event.  Adding staff at Wellspring Church and rallying area pastors to unite for the Kingdom.

Serving as chaplain for the Royals and writing papers and studying for seminary classes keep him busy.

Found time to take kids out to fish, hunt dove, went deer hunting in TX.

This fall, he and Brenna had the opportunity to lead a marriage conference for a wonderful church in Texas.

And over Fall break he took the family to the beautiful California coast! Micah captured our time with his new camera and put together a video:

Our lives are full and we thank God for His many blessings. Our greatest gift of all is our deep, abiding and eternal relationship with God through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We pray you and yours know that same joy.

Now here’s to 2017! “Teach us to number our days aright, O Lord, that we might gain a heart of wisdom.” Psalm 90:12


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Christmas Eve Adventures: Luke 2 and a Tic Tac up a Nose


Christmas lights

This particular Christmas Eve I may have overestimated my capabilities. I had four energetic boys ages seven and younger, and I had agreed to play in the orchestra for the Christmas Eve Service at our church. We had also committed our six-year-old to recite Luke 2:1-20 from memory, which he had learned in his kindergarten class. Added to that, we had invited some families to come over after the service that night. I had been going full throttle all day—cleaning the house, preparing festive snacks, doing last-minute wrapping jobs, shining little black shoes and pressing dress shirts.

Minutes before I needed to load everyone into their car seats and drive to the church for the orchestra call time and microphone check, I heard my three-year-old say, “Mommy, I have a Tic Tac up my nose!” At first I was calm, showing him how to force the air out as if sneezing. Instead of sneezing, he took a big drawl in through his nose.

Oh, I can barely see it now! I began to get nervous as I showed him again the sneezing motion and told him to concentrate and do it with great force. At that point he took an even bigger drawl in and the Tic Tac could no longer be seen. I called one nurse friend and then another. They both told me we would need to make an ER visit to have it removed.

But Derek’s sound check is supposed to be happening now and the orchestra is tuning! Lord, help!

My seven-year-old said, “Mom, how about pepper?” and I darted toward my spice pantry. Holding the pepper under his nose and saying a fervent prayer, we waited. About thirty seconds later, he let out a huge sneeze and the Tic Tac went flying across the room. Thank you, Lord! We immediately darted out the door and rushed to the church where Derek had time to do his microphone check and I had time to get my preschoolers to the nursery and my clarinet tuned just before the service began.

The lights dimmed and thousands of people filed into the pews. As the music began, the stress of the day melted away. When Derek took the stage and quoted the Luke 2 passage in his little “Peanuts”-character-like voice, I realized this day would hold one of the best and worst Christmas memories of my life. The Tic Tac may have threatened to take down the night, but the peace of the coming of the Christ child quieted my heart and spirit. I silently thanked my Father for truly being Immanuel—God with us – and caring about even minor emergencies such as Tic Tac dilemmas.

To see the video of six-year-old Derek reciting Luke 2, click here:

Six-year-old Derek reciting Luke 2

or go to:

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An Orphan Vision


“Momma, I wish I could draw better!”  As I came into Karis’ room to say prayers for her and tell her goodnight a couple of months ago, she sat propped up in her bed with pink pillows all around her, sketching. She said she was trying to draw the face that kept popping into her head at different times. She described the face as an African American boy about her age or a little younger. The main thing she said is that he has really large eyes that are completely hopeless. She said that was what she felt she could not get right in her drawing.

Lord, is this our future child she’s seeing? Almost done with the preliminary adoption paperwork with the intent to adopt an orphan from Africa, and knowing we are going in a couple of months to work in an orphanage in Zambia, I am prayerful. As I go, I am watchful for those big eyes Karis has seen.

During the same weeks of the visions, Karis played an orphan role in the musical “Annie.” I never expected how those songs would pierce my heart as I heard her upstairs practicing songs like “Maybe.”I can almost hear someone in a land far away singing it now:

So maybe now it’s time,
And maybe when I wake
They’ll be there calling me “Baby”

Betcha he reads.
Betcha she sews.
Maybe she’s made me
A closet of clothes!
Maybe they’re strict.
As straight as a line…
Don’t really care
As long as they’re mine!

So maybe now this prayer’s
The last one of its kind…
Won’t you please come get your “Baby”?

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Adoption Revelation


Oh no, the prophet speaks! Many-a-time in our family’s life Micah has shared hard-to-hear words — you know, the kind that pierce you to the heart and that you know are true…and you know you have to do something about?

But never had I heard words from him that required this much change! “We need to adopt an orphan,” said 10-year-old Micah. We had just walked out of the November 2010 church service focused on the plight of orphans across the world and the Christian’s call to care for the orphans.

I assured Micah that if God shows us that adoption is the way he wants us to care for orphans, that we most definitely would (I was pretty sure God knew we already had our hands full with five children. Surely sending financial support would be enough.)

In the church service that day we accepted the challenge to pray every day for 30 days about what God would have us do about the orphan crisis. Micah held us to the 30 days…and then some.

It seemed the adoption subject starting coming up everywhere we turned. But even as we prayed, I continued to go down my list of why adoption might not be the best choice for our family. One day I felt God whispered to my heart, Brenna, it’s not about you; it’s about rescuing orphans.

Months later as Micah continued to prompt praying about orphans during bedtime prayers, he often asked if we thought God was leading us to adopt. I would tell him I wasn’t sure, but what moved me most was thinking of the one fearful orphan tonight who had no one at bedtime to scratch their back, pray for them, and tell them they were loved.

Let’s fast forward to the last week of school in May 2011. As Micah’s elementary school choir filed in to sing, they looked like the United Nations. A Title I school, these children didn’t look like children you would normally see in a North Dallas suburb.

With every word the choir sang, I heard an orphan speaking directly to me. He said he knows that I see and hear his fearful cries. He asked if I would be at his bedside until he falls asleep, comfort him when he weeps, and care for him forever.  He asked me to light his dark world with love so that he might live a life of hope, faith, and joy.

With every word the choir sang, I heard an orphan singing directly to me. Tears came like a flood as my heart filled with God’s compassion and love for his poor and needy orphans, and the song haunted me all afternoon.

That day Micah came in from school and I said, “Now I know. God is calling us to adopt.”

It wasn’t until a month later that I noticed the name of the song — “For Now, I Know.”

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Packing Healthy School Lunches That Kids Will Eat


IM00What Favorite Foods are You Packing in Lunches?

“Snack size hummus (from Whole Foods [ and Costco]) with veggies. Also, edomame.” – Lisa Copeland

“Reese loves carrots and Ranch dip and surprisingly enough…she barely touches the Ranch.” – Melissa Maddock

“Make your own uncrustables – using whole wheat bread and mostly peanut butter (make a lot on the weekend and freeze them, they will thaw out by lunch time.” – LaDonna Goodwin

“We pack cucumber slices, snack-size hummus, different fruits and beef jerky, pita chips, celery, yogurt frozen overnight.” – Jill Byrd

“Whole wheat sandwich rounds, with light veggie cream, cucumbers, bell peppers, and sprouts….delicious! “ – May Tolson

“Catie really loves couscous. Sometimes I throw in dried fruit and pine nuts; other times I add diced tomatoes & green onion. Couscous is very versatile and can be served hot or cold! I mix up the pb & j together in a bowl before spreading it on the bread for Jake’s sandwiches. It saves on trying to get jelly stains out later. I also do pb & honey, pb & nutella, and pb & fruit.” – Cleette Harrison

“Apples, Yogurt, turkey and cheese!” – Karin Klemm

Entree Tips

  • Use whole wheat tortillas to make wraps.
  • Use whole wheat bread without artificial preservatives, colors, flavors; and high fructose corn syrup (i.e. Nature’s Own).
  • Select meats that are nitrate and nitrite-free to avoid harmful chemical preservatives.
  • Select healthy peanut butter (hint: very short ingredient list without added sugar or oil), and 100% fruit spread for pb&j’s.
  • When the weather cools down, send hot leftovers in thermos containers, to offer variety.

Side Ideas

  • Greek yogurt s are a good source of protein (usually 13-20 grams, while standard yogurts average 5-10 grams).
  • Standard yogurts have their plus, too: they have two to three times the calcium of Greek yogurts (which lose some calcium in the triple straining process).
  • Snack-size hummus
  • Choose pretzels or baked chips over regular chips.
  • String cheese (tasty and full of calcium)
  • Boiled egg (package in insulated lunch bag next to frozen drink to keep cold).
  • Almonds
  • Grapes
  • Baby carrots
  • Bananas (seal in plastic baggie so its smell does not permeate other foods)
  • Oranges,  quartered and bagged
  • Apples
  • Unsweetened apple sauce
  • Strawberries
  • Pineapple
  • Kiwi (slice it in half, and send a plastic spork for the child to eat it out “bowl-style”)
  • Melon
  • Clementines
  • Cherry tomatoes

For Fun

  • Organic fruit snack chews made with real juice and not containing artificial coloring (i.e. Annie’s)
  • Organic granola bars without artificial preservatives, flavorings, etc. (i.e. Clif bars, KIND bars) Select whole grain granola bars that are low in fat and sugar – take a look at the food label and choose the ones that contain less than 1g of saturated fat per serving and are no more than 35% sugar by weight. To figure the percentage of sugar per serving, divide the grams of sugar by the gram weight of one serving and multiply this number by 100.
  • Kettlecorn (again, look for a short ingredient list).

What should I buy organic?

According to the Environmental Working Group, produce pesticide exposure can be greatly reduced by buying organic in the following twelve foods, termed “the dirty dozen”:

  • apples
  • celery
  • strawberries
  • peaches
  • spinach
  • nectarines – imported
  • grapes – imported
  • sweet bell peppers
  • potatoes
  • blueberries
  • lettuce
  • kale/collard greens

For more detailed information on the dirty dozen and produce’s “clean fifteen”, see

*This is not a sponsored post.

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The Kindness Challenge


At brunch yesterday, my friend Suzanne told me about how she is making a difference in her family this summer, and I knew we needed to share this idea. She has initiated The Kindness Challenge with her family this summer.

After a few rough first days of summer vacation, with kids (ages 10, 5 and 3) poking and picking at each other, irritating each other just because they could, Suzanne had had enough. It wasn’t going to be like this all summer. So she prayed and talked with her husband Tim to make a plan. Out of this moment of crisis came The Kindness Challenge – How 40 Days of Kindness Can Change a Family (Think of it as The Love Dare for the whole family).

Finding it easier to break the challenge into weeks, here is her plan (in Suzanne’s words):

Week 1 – Change starts at the Top. We as parents commit to always speaking kindly to the kids (and each other for that matter), to praying daily for each child’s specific needs, to having continuous daily conversations about kindness, and to doing small acts of kindness unique for each child.

Week 2 – Get big brother on board. It’s time to build kindness skills in the oldest child. Because there is an age gap between him and the other two, it is important to teach kindess lessons on his level. This includes daily one-on-one discussions on kindness, such as what the Bible says about kindness, why it’s easier to be kind to strangers than your family, and how to be kind to someone who isn’t kind back.

Week 3 – It’s a family affair. Blessed to have a full week with Dad at home, we are planning daily family activities with a focus on building family unity and encouraging kindness to one another. Activities include, picking berries (sharing in God’s delicious provision by working together), hiking (each child having a turn to lead), Lego building challenge (how big can we build if we use all of our Lego sets together), etc. Kids will each have a special one-on-one time with Dad during the week. We will also start learning Bible verses on kindness each week.

Week 4 – Kindness School. A full week of lessons and activities on kindness. Using Bible stories and other stories familiar to the kids, we will learn different ways to be kind and show kindness. Kids will work together to create a book about kindness.

Week 5 – Putting it into practice. Family members will draw a family member’s name each day and do a special act of kindness for that person. Family members will sign a Kindness Contract, committing to a lifestyle of kindness. Dinner conversations will  focus on recognizing kind moments shared that day.

Week 6 – Beyond our walls. Family will plan and perform service projects and kindness activities for others outside our family. On day 40, we will have a celebratory dinner and enjoy the fruits of our efforts – a kinder, more peaceful, loving family.

Some Bible verses on kindness: Proverbs 21:21; Proverbs 31:25-27; Micah 6:8; Galatians 5:22-23; Colossians 3:12-13.

What a great challenge to all of us to show kindness to our family members and then to reach out with kindness to others!

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A Little One-on-One


I heard, “Here, Mom!” and looked up just in time for the corner of a hardbound book to hit me in my right eye. Thanks a lot, buster (aka son)…Parenting can be such a dangerous job! I don’t know if I cried more over my eye pain or the frustration that things just seemed to be going all wrong that day. My husband and I had just made an inter-state move with our five children ages one to ten, and stress and exhaustion levels were high. Though I didn’t feel well that day, I was trying to unpack some boxes. I wasn’t making much progress because my three-year-old son kept misbehaving. Finally I realized he might just need some individual attention. I walked away from the boxes and sat down on the couch, offering to read him a book. A few seconds later, as I was talking with my one-year-old, the unexpected book came hurling across the room.

Sometimes as moms we feel like we are getting nowhere in our best efforts to parent and do the right things for our children. Instead of the heartwarming snuggly storytime I envisioned, I ended up with a black eye. (We did actually get around to the book once I got over my 5-minute pity party).

Don’t give up in the fight to parent well. One of the best gifts we can give our children is meaningful time with them as individuals. In our house, it’s easy to move from one thing to another as a group, and lose sight of them as individuals. In that case, the most powerful personalities dominate the attention and the activities.

I can’t believe the new insights and understanding I’ve gained about my children by spending individual time with them. God made them each unique, and we want them each to be able to develop to their fullest potential.

2010Oct5Some one-on-one tips:

  • Calendar the time for individual interaction, or you will always put it off until the next week. (If you have a baby, it is wise to plan for the time with the older children during baby’s naptime.)
  • Let the children decide the activity for their individual interaction time. For little ones, you may want to give them two or three options to choose from.
  • It does not have to cost any money, but it does cost time, which is one of the greatest gifts you can give them.
  • Allow only true emergencies to interrupt the time you have set aside.
  • Set the timer for the allotted time, and let the other children know you are off-limits during that time. They will honor that rule for each other, since they know the others will honor it when their time comes.

You may never dream of the enriching time you will have yourself! I’ve been instructed in martial arts, played a good few rounds of HORSE in basketball, built with legos and K-Nex(not as easy as it appears!), played with Littlest Pet Shop figures, and gone on picnics.

Have fun playing a little one-on-one! Your kids will not forget it. And my hunch is that you won’t either.

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