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New Speaking Topics

I Dare You to Ask
Encourages adopting a spirit of seeking the Lord’s direction in all things.
Brenna shares 3 questions her family asked of the Lord and how it changed their lives:
1. What would you have us give?
2. What would you have us do about the orphan crisis?
3. Where would you have us serve?
Ends with challenge to think of the one question they currently need to seek God’s direction in and to pray that prayer for 30 days.
45 minutes or 3-session retreat
Abiding in Christ: the Power of Prayer.
Teaches how to lean into the Holy Spirit through prayer in a way that leads to empowered daily living, living as more than conquerors and stepping out on a limb in faith, trusting in only what HE can do. Looks at the examples of Ezra, David, and Elijah’s lives. Brenna also shares some personal examples from her family’s life, and give examples of powerful prayers to pray.
45 minutes or 3-session retreat
“Mary Did You Know?”
Mary didn’t know, nor do any of us know, how the impact that one act of surrendered obedience in an unexpected turn in life might impact eternity. We are in a constant state of transition with unexpected turns and challenges. Will we with a surrendered and trusting heart lean into what we know about God and his character, and trust that He will meet every need?
45 minute message (and especially appropriate at Christmas)

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